Switching your accountant: Why, when and how

Behind every great business is an equally impressive accountant. Having a good relationship with your accountant can be your business’s secret weapon, helping you to manage your financial portfolio and navigate opportunities. 

An important part of this relationship is the ability to recognise when it’s working well and when it isn’t. If you’re experiencing the latter, it might be time to switch your accountant and find a new service that is right for you.

Spotting the signs

There are a few telltale signs that the relationship between you and your accountant isn’t running as smoothly as it could be.  

Poor communication, mistakes and late filing can lead to unexpected letters and fines from HMRC, placing greater pressure on you and your business. Your accountant should keep you up to date on all deadlines and requirements and advise you on the best areas to save. 

Important: Have you got your accountants mobile number? You should be able to contact your accountant easily when something is on your mind, not just during office opening hours or during a meeting. 

It’s important for your accountant to be proactive, not just reactive. Making suggestions without being asked and making recommendations specific to your business are extremely valuable qualities of a proactive accountant and this standard of advice should be expected. 

Making the move

Knowing the right time to switch accountants is key. Unless there is an urgent reason that requires you to switch accountants right away, making a gradual transition will be the best method. 

Your financial year end period is a great opportunity to take stock of your finances and the team or individual you’re working with. Around this time, your financial activity begins to reduce, making moving to a different accountant smoother and easier. 

For sole traders and partnerships, your period end is now required to be 31 March or 5 April before 5 April 2026. Timing is key, but the switch itself is seamless and only requires instruction to the new accountant, with no awkward calls necessary. 

If you would like to discuss your financial requirements with our team, please contact us.