Outsourcing your payroll function

Ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time is essential. Bringing in the payroll experts is one of the easiest ways for you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business and save yourself time and money.

Managing payroll in-house

It’s no secret that managing payroll is time consuming; it requires you to manage a considerable amount of data to ensure that no miscalculations or mistakes are made and keep up to date with new legislation. 

Having an in-house payroll function also requires you to have a trained member of staff to carry out all tasks relating to payroll, as well as a software subscription – both of which can be costly.

Maximising efficiency

Handing over your payroll function can save you both time and money as a business owner. A specialist payroll provider will be clued up on all relevant legislation and will have the ability to effectively manage large quantities of data. 

This helps to mitigate any issues with employee pay, taxes and deductions which all need to be calculated ahead of payment. Relieving yourself of the administrative burden can also help to save you money in the long run as outsourcing payroll can be far more efficient. 

Building your bespoke service

Payroll services come in all shapes and sizes. Some clients prefer a ‘hands-off’ approach where we carry out a full service from start to finish, others provide employee data to us and we calculate pay, tax and manage other deductions. 

It’s important to consider what you need as a business, tailoring your payroll package to your individual circumstances. If you already have someone carrying out payroll admin in-house, they could free up their time by providing an outsourced payroll function with employee data, allowing them to turn their attention to business duties. 
If you would like to discuss your payroll requirements with us, no matter how big or small, please contact us.